Visual Schedule

Coming soon to the iOS App Store for Apple iPad and iPad 2!

The Visual Schedule Application can be used to help create a structured environment that is beneficial to persons with Autism, language delays, memory difficulties, organizational problems, or comprehension problems.  

The Visual Schedule app allows the caregiver or teacher to set up multiple schedules and allows for modification of the schedule as needed.  The schedule can be used to break down multiple step tasks into simple one step directions or to lay out an individual
s daily school or home schedule.  

Visual schedules can be helpful in controlling behavior problems related to transitioning and can be used in conjunction with First/Then boards.  The app allows use of pictures from the iPad photo library or for custom pictures to be taken. The use of pictures of the person completing task in the visual schedule can be helpful in showing the person that they can be successful and help decrease anxiety during difficulty or non preferred tasks.  Visual schedules can also be helpful in reducing prompts to the individual and causing them to be prompt dependent.  As a step on the Visual Schedule is completed it can be marked of the list.  Having a person check off steps on their own schedule helps to build independence and self esteem.

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